Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Saturday, May 28, 2005

This rant will be to indoctrinate you (woymn and your Nancy boy friends) into the world of housework from a male's point of view. The reason why males as a whole do not feel the compulsion to do housework is because we don't give a flying you know what about any semblance of dirt or disorganization that has been made either by ourselves or by others.
Of course this has lead to a gender division and a rallying cry spouted forth by the feminist harpies that has infected our society.
The main reason for the braying from the so-called "tender gender"(I just made that up. I might have to copyright it) is they have this nauseating, inherent, annoying habit in the way things look. In other words they are concerned about appearances to the outside world. Now I would like the womyn of confined domesticity (I just about blew the top of my head off coming up with that one) to think about what you are asking men to do by helping you with the housework and it's consequences. If we were put in the position of only been able to concern our selves with the way things look and not the way things are, there would be a fall out that I expect you are not willing to deal with.
If in the past we had been concerned with such trivial things you would not be the most protected, pampered, spoiled, and over indulged species that you are today.
Since there is no scientific study that I am aware of that men have forced womyn to do this chore I can only think that the braying and bleating from the feminist pen is that they simply cannot help themselves (remember those inherent characteristics I have talked about).
As far as the Badger is concerned he could not care less if the front hall is swept or the toilet bowl cleaned. He only cares about the front hall if a tile has started to lift or if the toilet bowl is over flowing with last nights over indulgences.
At which point of course if I have not observed such said occurrences the high-pitched whines emanating from the chocolate wrapper covered sofa to fix these problems will be heard half a mile away (bon-bon's anyone?).