Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Max Ross' recent piece on MND entitled
Sex, Security and PC Heresy received a barrage of negative comments.
Many of them contained nothing more than vindictive menstrual spite - typical of so many immature women these days who believe that they are so superior to everyone else.
They are not superior at all.
On the contrary; they are usually little more than spoiled over-indulged narcissists who have become far too imbued with their own sense of self-importance to be able to tolerate any view which threatens to throw them off their self-constructed lofty pedestals.
Angry Harry
Read the rest of Harry's rant here.
Max Ross' piece has taken on a life of it's own and hopefully soon will reach the mainstream media. Which will have the fems twisting and squirming. Anything that they say cannot hold up under intense scrutiny. By the shock value of this piece coming out it will open the door to other aspects of the fembot movement that they want to hide.