Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

They are the generation of women who grew up
expecting to have it all. No longer forced to
choose between children and a career, they were
set to embrace superwomanhood by doing both
- while holding down a perfect relationship
and keeping a spotless home in their spare time.
But modern woman has taken a reality check.
The average 29-year-old now hankers for a return
to the lifestyle of a 1950s housewife.
The daughters of the "Cosmo" generation of feminists want nothing more than a happy marriage and domestic bliss in the countryside, according to a survey.
Research into the attitudes of 1,500 women with an
average age of 29 found that 61 per cent believe
"domestic goddess" role models who juggle top jobs
with motherhood and jet-set social lives are
"unhelpful" and "irritating". More than two-thirds
agree that the man should be the main provider
in a family, while 70 per cent do not want to work
as hard as their mother's generation. On average,
the women questioned want to "settle down" with their partner by 30 and have their first child a year later.
And of course, guys, we all know what this means
they want to be housewives without any of the housework."