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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dead Roses: Revenge page in which you get to actually buy and send real BLACK ROSES to your rotten ex on their birthday. Sweet of them to remember, eh?
Girls Against Boys: "Club GAB's main purpose is to bring together girls from all over who have been victims of brainwashing, backstabbing, two-timing, heartbreaking boys."
We Hate Men: "MEN ARE SCUM!" Is the motto of 3 bitches from Connecticut, Jill, Mary, and Julie who have created this man hate site to share their stories of angst.
Men Suck: "Men, in general, are miserable creatures. We hate men."
Metro Spy: If you live in the New York/Metropolitan area, they will spy on your guy and tell you the junk about the hunk "you think you know so much about."
Grim Bundies is a greeting card site for dumped generation X ex's. Amusing "post cards."
I Hate Men.com: a place to vent your venom about your jerk boyfriend.
Man Haters.com is a database that searches and ranks men's past relationship history. Rank those cheating, lying, bastard assholes!
Heartless Bitches International The granddaddy of them all