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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"No, I was not paying attention to you" said I, to this woman last night at the cigar bar. She was rambling on about something or other, but I make it a point to comtemplate my thoughts while smoking an excellent cigar with my glass of cognac, instead of listening and focusing on the women desperately seeking male attention at the place. Sure, you always have those loser chivalrous males oogling women like the pussy-whipped saps they are, but women don't like that. They like or should I say, seek the attention from men like me, that don't give a shit. There is a natural law to observe with women: They want what they cannot have, the more you withhold anything from them, the more they desperately want it. Also, I have noticed a substantial increase of women at this little cigar bar I go to over the past couple years. Single, desperate, in their 30s, you know, the "career chick" type women that are totally screwed up now since nobody wants a 35 year old for a long term relationship, but just a quick screw. Now, granted some of you might disagree with me, but I don't mind the occasional screw now and then...after all, women have reduced themselves to a commodity.
mirror of the soul
Nailed their cottage cheesed asses to the wall.
hee hee