Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Misandries' implementors are 90% males who try to ingratiate themeselves with the vile sorority by doing their evil work. They garner for themselves respectability, social standing, and worthiness in their day to day violation of their fellow man. This behaviour stems from their internalised negative self image which motivates a predisposition to harm their own kind given the prevailing hate of mankind.
Ordinarily you would expect your fellow man with position to smash down the gas, lethal-injection and electrocution chambers in our jails. Indeed you would expect your fellow man with position to stand as a beacon of hope to our basterdised and orphanised sons experiencing jailment, hardship or even torture. What do these men of standing in fact do? They conspire to increase the pain, suffering and degradation of mankind in service of an idea. The sheer extent of this phenomena is mind boggling and a fact that the mens movement have to face squarely up to.