Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

in the following article we see, yet again,
the permanent economic turmoil and hopelessness
brought about by feminism.
Ninety percent of Swedish women
would be better off if they were on sick benefits,
a new report has shown. The study, by academics at
Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute, showed that
non-professional women are effectively being deprived
of incentives to return to work
Basically, women get paid handsomely for staying at home, so they do not go out to work. And because they do not go out to work, the feminists blame their allegedly
lower pay packets, so-called employment discrimination,
and, of course, men. But, the larger is the incentive for women to stay at home,
the more that must be done for them to get them out to work!
In other words, a never-ending cycle of goodies must be
handed out to women no matter what they choose to do
- all paid for by men, of course.
Indeed, if women who stayed at home were paid via
government handouts exactly the same amount of money as men who went out to work, then women would not go out to work.
And the feminists would then argue that the men
were holding them back!And this, of course,
was pretty much the situation that prevailed
some 60 years ago. The men went out to work
and the women stayed at home. The women did not
receive government handouts because the men were
financially responsible for their families -
and take it from AH, they were forced to be
financially responsible for their families.
There were no-opt out clauses!
And what did the feminists do?
They moaned about it.
And they claimed that the women who stayed
at home were the victims of male oppression
and that the men were holding them back.
But now the feminists keep demanding that their
governments give money to women so that they
can stay at home!It does not matter what men do,
western governments and feminists will continue
to heap hatred upon them and to blame them for
what women themselves decide to do.
Goodness me. Even when women actually kill
their partners they are deemed mostly to have
been their victims - in one way or another!
For example, ...
Domestically Violent Women

They [women] struck out in reaction unlike men, who typically strike out to show power and control. Women interpreted their violence as self-defense or a way to show a man his aggressive behavior has to stop. Most learned the power of violence from their parents, boyfriends and spouses
Cynthia Taggart - suggesting that domestically-violent
women are 'victims' where as domestically-violent men are not.