Going My Own Way

Working to instill masculinity in men

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Advice from Thomas Ellis
author of
Rantings Of A Single Male
I’ve been asked for advice a lot since the book came out, and it seems really strange to me. It’s like asking someone for advice on flying because they’ve crashed the most planes. So, I guess I can advise on what not to do. Don’t focus so much on meeting a woman’s needs that you neglect your own. Don’t sacrifice your own viewpoints just because it makes her so happy when you concede to her. Don’t tolerate psychotic behavior no matter how good she is in bed. If she even mentions feminism, women’s studies or male oppression, run like hell. Don’t believe her when she says she can’t get pregnant – always use a condom. She can get out of it, you can’t. Don’t let a woman, her family, or society pressure you into marriage if that’s not what you want. Also, don’t get married unless you’re willing to accept that you will have less sex, that you will be expected to apologize for everything no matter who is at fault, and that most likely, your wife will feel unfulfilled no matter what path she chooses. That said, give them a shot. Just understand the risks you are taking.